Richmond Park

Had a morning of photography in Richmond Park with John Few this morning. You couldn't have asked for better weather. I finally got there before sunrise, setup and we were gone. It was minus 3 with a heavy mist, it was beautiful.

I didn't realise we were photographed until I saw it today by @andreah1306 who tagged BBC Earth, Great shot Andrea Heribanova.

We were on our way to photograph the Dartford Warbler, which we did along with a pair of Stonechats and a leafy Kestrel, I thought it was but turned out to be some leaves still on the tree, so no Kestrel.

I thought we were only there a couple of hours but when we got to Pen Ponds Cafe half a day had past by.

Those bacon rolls served here with some fancy named coffee hit the spot.

Thanks for asking me along John, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

#Misty #Sunrise #Richmond

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