Why I use photoshop & lightroom.

I would imagine quite a few people still use film, I used to, but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I started to process and print my own photos. My darkroom was a shed in my garden, I remember using the developer and fixer trays whilst a family of hedge hogs shuffled around my feet, it was their home and they used to tolerate me. I had not heard of digital photography at this time so I spent quite a bit on developing equipment, I should have waited really as it’s all in my loft now.

Millions of us took our exposed film round to the chemist or send them away for processing, either way we had no control over how your photos came back, most of the time they were ok but if you tried to be a little creative then I found the results poor.

So then came digital photography. for a few years up until about 2005 I used those 2 mega pixel cameras, point and shoot things, they were ok but I still relied on the old 35mm film then I got my first dslr, it was a Nikon something or other, then a Canon 1100D a Nikon D3200 at the moment I've stuck with Canon, purely because of the lenses I've acquired, My main Camera is a Canon 6D.

Right, now then, why do I use photoshop & Lightroom, well it's quite simple, why should I rely on what the camera bashes out. Some may say putting it through photoshop changes the image, well taking a photo with the white balance set to cloudy on a sunny day will exaggerate the overall colours. I do sometimes go a little over the top but I like to bring out in a photo the feeling I get from the moment, I mean you can stand there at this beautiful sight as you look around and take it all in but you can't get that feeling in one snap unless you use the tools at hand. Thats it really.

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